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By default, women are typically chatty humans and feel that their ability as a photographer is helped by their ability to calm people. Some of this, at least, is potentially due to their gender. Female colleagues of photographers who work in other fields often claim a ‘feminine’ benefit. Being a female photographer undeniably has its positives, notably in some of the fields in which they work. They find it deals with ‘intimate’ work, such as new-borns, weddings and the shooting of delicate family matters.

As a woman, shooting weddings may be smoother, as a bride can seem more relaxed. Are you serious in employing a female wedding photographer? Female wedding photographers have benefits that male photographers do not. And what is more, we are also favoured for weddings by unique cultures.

We are a special breed of young, aspiring, female photographers who, happily, hold their own in a historically male-dominated industry. As a full-time occupation, women are now choosing photography and they do really well. I’m one of those photographers, and I enjoy it and its perks! I love clicking people and I love marriages!

Here are the three primary approaches to getting a female wedding photographer to shoot your wedding.

  • Focus  to detail
  • Better bond with the bride
  • Favoured for cultured marriages

1) Female wedding photographers are more focused on details

You may think it’s a misconception, but as a female wedding photographer, on a wedding day, I’m proud to be able to watch and catch the tiniest detail. From the pleating of the wedding gown to an anxious expression, from joyful cries to dancing floor acts, I concentrated on catching those wedding nuances and moments.

2) Female wedding photographers interact better with the bride

Women wedding photographers can better interact with the bride by becoming her great buddies on the day compared with male shooters. From my interviews, most of the brides I shot feel more relaxed collaborating with female photographers. Many brides choose a female wedding photographer to catch those private personal events when it comes to having the bride’s photos set.

Another approach to why female wedding photographers are better related to brides is that they put themselves in the brides’ place first. They will identify the actual time, the perspective to catch the bride’s flawless beauty on her wedding day. Female wedding photographers will have absolutely special and spectacular wedding photographs by catching all those feelings and even the slightest fleeting moments.

3) Female wedding photographers favoured for cultural weddings

Finally, traditional cultural weddings and functions, such as the Haldi ceremony and Mehndi celebration, are favoured by female wedding photographers. The bride will celebrate with her relatives and friends with no man inside the function (in some Middle East weddings) ensuring a female wedding photographer is needed to record the function.

Apart from being a wedding photographer, all female photographers have various approaches to having them depends on their field of work or industry. Having a female photographer can benefit you in ways such as:

Market-generating & Branding 

Yes, it’s hard to get the consumers for your company to let it be either gender. But when a female photographer confronts you with her technical work, you will rarely deny. If her job is successful, you can certainly grant her the 1st choice. Branding is the most critical point where advertising can introduce the company to even more customers. There would be more powerful branding by a female photographer.

Level of Comfort

In any case, such as shooting a bride, new-born or maternity, arguing about the same gender to them, help them exactly whatever they want and what to work on. In this, men can find it tough as they can’t be as nice as the woman in such a position can. Often a female photographer will perform better than male in advertisement shoots like lingerie and intimate shoots as the comfort, girl to girl is distinct.

Sensible and visionary 

Often, doing photojournalism, getting a great picture is really challenging, however, You get a woman card to access in places that men can find it uncomfortable to be female. It is a creative thing to be a woman herself who is the most exquisite creature that god has made. So here, in your photography, you will still have the potential to get more.

My Words

Jasmin Caan Photography is waiting for all your wedding specifics. As a female wedding photographer in Birmingham, I’m accessible to you during your whole wedding tour. If you have any concerns about wedding photos somewhere about your wedding day.

Some of the bonuses I have tried to list. Do you have some imaging questions, if so, I will respond to all the questions? Feel free to ask!

Email me today! All of us are photographers, striving to build a living out of the art we do.